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About Hong Kong Society

What we do


A not-for-profit, self-funded organisation, the Society organises for members and their guests a wide range of events, including themed lunches, dinners, receptions, talks, gallery visits, cultural and sporting events, business forums, mentoring and networking opportunities. These are either free to members, discounted or charged at cost price. Many of these events take place in London but we also have regional activities in the UK.


Society members are drawn from all walks of life, most of whom have lived and worked in Hong Kong and retain an on-going interest in its welfare and prosperity, from the student and/or Hong Kong professional living in the UK, to the expat who may have spent a few years or a lifetime working there – and everyone in between.

The Society organises an active events programme for members every year. Please keep an eye on our events page for details of our upcoming events.

Regional Events


Regional lunches or suppers are usually organised by members, for members of the Hong Kong Society and those who want to maintain links with others with interests in, and connections with, Hong Kong. These can be arranged wherever significant numbers of members live.

Past regional events have been held in:

  • Bournemouth

  • Edinburgh

  • Gloucestershire

  • North East England

  • Hampshire

  • Surrey

  • Sussex

  • Tunbridge Wells


If you are interested in organising a regional event, please contact


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